What We Do

The Artisan Service Group of companies is here! 
We are a diverse mix of people, products, and services. 
We believe in the strength of this diversity in every aspect of our lives. 
We strive to create productive, fun, and positive work environments so that we all may grow to our absolute potential.

Food safety Consultation

The Artisan Service is proud to serve the community of cheesemakers and artisans in the Pacific Northwest.  From seed to market!

We understand the hurdles artisans have in preparing there product for the market. We strive to provide professional consultation services to build strong food safety plans to guarantee 100% compliance with state & federal regulations.

Strategic marketing

Managing your own marketing can be a tedious and sometimes a daunting task if you do not have a strong strategic plan to use platforms to bring awareness to your craft.

We work with you to implement a plan that works for your business size!