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We offer a premier demo and event service to the artisans through our Brand Ambassadorship.  Our passion for the food you create is unmatched.

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We are experienced professionals in the art of design. With proven Food Safety and Quality track records, to modern Marketing and Sales systems.  We are your one-stop innovation shop to a pathway to stronger food safety plans!

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 .Showcasing each artisans passion is an art and we have had proven success of the power of social media influence! Connect with us to allow you to grow and create a strategic marketing plan to help you spread brand awareness!



When it comes to artisan foods, the difference is in the details. 

We understand this difference as creators of our own craft food companies, and we are equally passionate about telling your story. 

By partnering only with carefully selected producers who we believe in, we serve your customers to build relationships that foster trust and excitement about the food on our table. 


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 Innovation by Design


Regulatory pressure isn't an issue when we stay ahead of the curve.

From a productioneer's view, we look at Food Safety & Quality as the foundation from which everything is built.

By focusing on operational efficiency, we design lightweight systems at every step so that your team improves continuously.

Experienced and licensed Preventative Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) able to offer complete assistance with:

  • Recipe Development & Troubleshooting

  • Food Safety Programs

  • Environments & Stainless Infrastructure

  • Advanced Quality Control Systems

  • Marketing & Social Media Development

  • Sales & Branding Strategy



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We specialize in connecting unique food artists such as creameries, wineries, breweries, and fine restaurants all over the State of Washington. 


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